Arrival and departure times are property specific.

Check in is normally from 3:00pm onwards. This allows the property service and checks to complete.

Departures are normally at 10:30am - please check you booking information / contact your agent for confirmation.


Guest Admin Team

Contact: +44 (0)330 1132 495

Open - 9:30am to 5:30pm - Emergency Out of Hours 5:30pm to 9:30am



Each property has its own set of guidelines marked out for your comfort and safety. This information will be located in the guest information guide, available to you in the property and / or from your booking agent. This information must be communicated to your entire party in advance or at the time of arrival, as mandatory and safety information needs to be acknowledged by all guests.


On departure please remove your refuse and make sure the property is left in a safe and secure condition. Specific information regarding your departure can be obtained from the guest information guide or from you booking agent. We would recommend this information is read in advance of your departure.


Emergencies &  Out of Hours

If there is a risk to life please dial 999.

• Locked out of your property / no access

• Significant / dangerous breakages or accidents

• Heat, Power& Water (See below)


Please be mindful of your use of our Emergency out of hours provision, non emergency matters can be reported by email and will be answered the following working day.

Housekeeping Service

If you have any queries regarding housekeeping, please contact us upon or prior to arrival and we endeavour to satisfy your request the same working day.

Heating, Water & Power

If you experience loss of heat, water or power, please contact  us and our experienced property managers whom will try to resolve the issue over the phone or schedule a maintenance visit to your property.

Linen & Towels

All properties are supplied with fresh towels and linen. If you have a question regarding linen please contact us and we will resolve any queries the same or next working day.

Keys & Access

For your convenience most properties are fitted with a key safe or door code. The code and location will be issued to you by email and in advance of arrival.

You will be advised by us or booking agent of how to return your keys. For some properties you will be welcomed to our arrival desk where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Accidents happen... however please inform us via email or telephone prior to your departure.


Most of our properties have internet access. For the specific features and devices please contact your booking agent for specifications.


These are property specific. Please contact your booking agent for details. We would recommend with all self catering properties that you bring any specific items required with you.


When in residence and upon departure we advise that the property is kept secured.


As most properties are located in residential environments, we ask that you keep noise to a respectable level.


For any other questions please email:

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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